But I love her anyway.

“A thought once uttered is untrue"


i’m always in a cuddling mood but I never have anyone to cuddle with do you see my struggle


snow day tomorrow please

On the way to the swap meet

  • Car: "-speeds past us-"
  • Lopez: "where could anyone possibly need to go that fast on a Sunday morning?"
  • Me: "to Church. So they don't go to hell."

Mall talk

  • Shirley: "I took a sociology class on fandoms. So like Barbie and lord of the--"
  • Me: "-interrupts- I'm sorry, what was that?"
  • Shirley: "fandoms. Like on the internet"
  • Me: "You took a class on my life!"
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new watermark helloo
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Probably one of the best costumes from the con that I’ve seen.

Today really isn’t my day…

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